Flung Razor


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Flung Razor is Vancouver-based photographer Thomas Nugent and Bergen-based artist Myclef Laun’s first commissioned work for Portmanteau Books. Among other things, Flung Razor tempers intimate photography with comedic meditations on Rousseau’s social contract and off-beat references to Bridget Sprouls.
Myclef Laun and Thomas Nugent are a chimerical and inventive duo. Upcoming artistic work includes a Scandinavian culinary adventure programme “Taboo Cooking: The Hidden Cuisine”. Thomas as a feature film compositor working in the field of visual effects creates a lot of optical flak. His images ask us to not just bare witness to a perverse cold war farewell song to Central America, but rather pick up the sails and join in on the rough-and-tumble chronicling. Photos and text work together in this limited edition 10 copy run as both a postcard inspired dream vacation, and rousing cultural corrective.
The pressing of Flung Razor uses techniques and materials reminiscent of the John le Carré espionage age. A 1960’s East German infrared thermo-fax (traditionally used for tattoo flashes) printed out the silkscreen mesh to press the cover text. CIA-like dossier jackets have been scored and hand-razored from vintage file folders, while Russian military-grade rivets have been forcefully applied to the shoulders. With 100 grams of paper making up the signature pages the book holds likes a tank and flips as easily as a spy on the run, or a postcard.
24 USD
200 NOK
2,500 JYN
ISBN 978-82-690766-0-8